Marvel Explorer

Uses my Ultron gem to wander from character to character through the Marvel Comics Data and drive the Twitter stream and the Website. You need to set some things up in ~/.marvel_explorer/config.yml:

    key:    a_key
    secret: a_secret
    token:  a_token
    secret: a_nuvver_secret

marshal_file: /home/marvelexplorer/.marvel_explorer/last.character
jekyll_dir:   /home/marvelexplorer/

You also need some Ultron configuration in ~/.ultronrc:

PUBLIC_KEY: this_r_public_key
PRIVATE_KEY: this_one_r_private_key

Available commands are:

marvel_explorer update

Gets the next iteration of ‘Character A appeared in Comic with Character B’. Writes YAML into jekyll_dir for use by my Marvel Explorer Jekyll site

marvel_explorer tweet

Generates and publishes a Tweet (and see this for help with making Twitter bots)

marvel_explorer publish

Commits and pushes the Jekyll site to Github Pages

marvel_explorer ranking

Calculates most-featured-characters data, writes YAML for Jekyll site

marvel_explorer perform

Tags: ruby

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